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Purchasing information technology equipment can be a very daunting task.  With the dynamic nature and short life-cycles of computer hardware and software, many people and organizations can feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole process.  Where do I begin?  What is the best hardware for my needs?  What version of software is compatible with what I already have?  ...and so on.

This is exactly where 10wire can help.

10wire has developed vast procurement channels over the past 15+ years, allowing for the best possible pricing scenarios.  Our knowledge of the technology industry means we can quickly identify those products that will meet your requirements.

Many people have asked if 10wire maintains a product inventory.  The simple answer is: No.  Why?  The cost to maintain an inventory and related items is very high.  This is simply a cost 10wire chose not take on or pass on to our clients.  Through our purchasing partnerships and affiliations, 10wire can leverage these resources to obtain the absolute best price.

Let 10wire help you get the technology items you want/!  Call us at 480.264.8184.

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