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remote support disclaimer - please read

Remote Support is a prearranged service between 10wire and the client.  During a Remote Support session, a 10wire technician will be remotely connected to the client computer and be able to perform any actions as if they were physically sitting in front of the client computer.  10wire will take all necessary precautions to safe guard any data or other computer files during the Remote Support session but cannot guarantee against any form of data loss.  By using the Remote Support tool you agree not to hold 10wire Computing Solutions, its agents or partners responsible for any damages or losses as a direct or indirect result of actions taken during the Remote Support session.

If you accept this disclaimer, please click the appropriate platform (Apple/Mac or Windows) button below to begin the Remote Support session.

If you do not accept this disclaimer, please click the I Do Not Accept button below and you will be returned to the main support page.

Remote Support

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